Church of the Good Shepherd
Friday, August 18, 2017
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Volunteer Leadership


Vestry, Wardens and Executive Committee

Members are elected by the congregation at the annual meeting as the governing body of the parish. The vestry gives support and guidance to the Rector.


Tim Favorite, Senior Warden - Executive Committee, Nominating Committee
Jill Rosier, Junior Warden - Executive Committee, Harless Scholarship
Chris Chadbourne, Clerk - Executive Committee, Minutes
Elizabeth Naughton, Treasurer - Executive Committee, Finance Committee
Doug Thornberg - Ordination/Personnel Committee
Don Fluckinger - Fellowship Committee
Ann Spinney - Communications/Web Site & Diocese
Becky Lentz - Fellowship Committee
Sandy Desharnais - Lay Visitors/Crisis Committee/Endowment Committee
Dan LeGallo - Christian Education/Youth Education
John Lewis- Property Committee/Green Team
Trudy Yelton- Stewardship Committee
Jeff Fellows- Outreach Committee Personnel Committee
Jeff Cooley - Fundraising Committee
Kathy Olson - Diocesan Committee
Mary Schroeder - Stewardship Committee

Nashua Area Interfaith Council Delegates

Good Shepherd representatives are elected at the annual meeting to represent the parish in the Nashua Area Interfaith Council.


Brenda Bergeson

John Rowntree


For more information on the Nashua Interfaith Council, visit


The Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire Diocesan Delegates

Diocesan Delegates and alternates are elected at the annual meeting to represent the parish at Diocese of New Hampshire Southern Convocation and diocesan meetings. They will vote in the election of our next Bishop. 


John Townsend

Terry Wilkins

Ann Breedon

Howard Titus

Carole Sawdon - Alternate

John Hodgkins - Alternate

MaryLu Klum - Alternate